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smartshiftwork.com is specialised in training efficient and safe shift work management strategies, independent from any institutions.

With the training philosophy to “train for competence” the training objective is to develop the expert skills of your people. Our trainings deliver the knowledge to manage your shift work smarter than before. Smarter means, that maximum duty and minimum rest times are not considered as the only solution to manage shift work. Managing shift work in a system approach with operational data and scientific knowledge provides other effective solutions, taking into account organisational and individual responsibilities.

The combination of expertise, advice, science and regulations make the trainings of smartshiftwork.com unique and valuable. smartshiftwork.com has the contents of Fatigue Management Trainings up to FRMS expert level.

Offered trainings address all aviation authorities, industries and their employees in shift work.

Fatigue. Responsibility. Safety.

In today’s 24/7 business with high productivity demands and increasing cost pressures, fatigue is an existing human factors hazard. Fatigue as a defined type of tiredness is associated with any type of shift work that impairs human performance capabilities.

The results of human factor fatigue may be costly human errors, financial losses and even accidents. To minimise this, new regulations, best industry practices and scientific research provide new strategies to cope with increasing safety and productivity demands.

Since human fatigue is a known safety hazard, new regulations require airlines and other service providers to manage this hazard as any other risk. Regulations make the organisation and the individual employee responsible to control this risk in order to assure safe operations. However, limited experience is available how to manage fatigue risk more effectively than before.

In addition to the regulatory requirement to manage the risk of human fatigue, regulations require operators to offer fatigue management training. Beside the point that this is a legal requirement, it makes sense to understand what the causes of fatigue in your organisation are, how to manage this and how to deal with shift work as an individual.

Many industries have to work around the clock or even around the world. But most organisations forgot to explain their employees how to deal with a work live deviating from the natural sleep-/ wake-rhythm. Learn more at smartshiftwork.com.

 Methodical. Systematic. Measurable.

The evolution in managing shift work today is the Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS), as promoted by the aviation authorities ICAO and EASA. FRMS is a smart management strategy where productivity can be increased and human fatigue risk reduced at the same time, if done right.

Adopted safety management processes are methodically applied to manage your shift work according your operational characteristics and its associated fatigue risks. Operational experience and data, as well as scientific knowledge are systematically used in an ongoing FRMS. Managed in a system approach all factors and activities are coordinated, leading to measurable improvements.

For many organisations management of human fatigue has traditionally been understood to be subjective, political and expensive. So consider to gain the competences that your organisation can benefit from the evolutionary FRMS strategy to manage human fatigue data-driven, measurable and effective.

Seminar. Workshop. Training.

Contents and training levels may be selected according your operational characteristics and needs. Have a look at our training catalog.

Open seminars are for experts of your organisation who manage your fatigue risk in your SMS or FRMS. The most economical way for an individual person of your organisation.

In-house workshops designed to train a group of people of your organisation e.g. your Fatigue Safety Action Group. With practicable methods applied to your data of or your specific operation provide additional benefits.

Initial and recurrent Fatigue Management Trainings, compliant to ORO.FTL.250. customised to your operational characteristics and tailored to the audience of your Management and/or Planning Personnel.

Exiting e-learning solutions may be provided for your crews or workforce of shift workers.

All types of Fatigue Management Trainings are independent and may be selected according your choice of contents to complement your Fatigue Management Training Programme.


Compliant. Consistent. Approved.

All offered trainings are compliant to European Regulations. Training contents are complemented by practicable advice, consistent and pursuing to official guidance material.

All fatigue management trainings have been developed by our expert. He has actual FRMS experience since 2006 when he has planned, implemented and maintained a performance driven Fatigue Risk Management System up to authority approval by 2016.


Simple. Practicable. Effective.

Smartshiftwork.com is dedicated to facilitate fatigue risk management. Simple illustrations are used to understand complex coherences. Practicable processes contained in our trainings have been proven to be applicable and effective.


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