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smartshiftwork.com is a venture of Kristjof Tritschler, one of the European pioneers in fatigue risk management. The experience gained over 10 years was that an FRMS will not work if it not factual and free of politics. This was achieved by use of science, data, bio-mathematics and robust methodologies under a clear policy. And last but not least, any FRMS needs to be tailored to the organisation, since circumstances vary and cultures differ.

During his time as Manager FRMS of Germanwings, he has been contacted recurrently by other legacy and cargo airlines as well as low cost carriers for practicable advice about their FRMS in their organisations. However, this was limited to some degree, especially time, even though there is no competition in safety topics.

In 2016 came the time for smartshiftwork.com. Now all competences of him, laid down in various training formats become available. The concept of smartshiftwork.com is to transfer this operational FRMS experience to your people in your organisation. With our training philosophy to „train for competence“ our training objective is develop the expert skills of your people.

One of the drivers to transfer the knowledge to run your own FRMS in your organisation is the following conviction: You cause your operational risk, you are responsible for your risk, and therefore no one else could control this risk better than yourself.

The unique characteristic of smartshiftwork.com is that the background of our contents is actual fatigue risk management experience. Other service providers from science offer scientific advice, software providers provide software, training organisations provide trainings and consultants provide consultancy. We at smartshiftwork.com provide the competences to manage your fatigue risk by your people. And we do have the honest wish that you manage your fatigue risk very well.


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