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You are looking for the best training for your people. The Fatigue Management Trainings below are more than compliant to regulations.

Our modular Fatigue Management Trainings have been developed to be tailored to your organisational characteristics and needs.

Every type of airline operations has some differences concerning human fatigue. Obvious differences exist between short-haul vs. long-haul or mixed operations, passenger or cargo, charter, low cost, regional or on demand flight operations. Also social cultural differences are considered, since Americans are no Spanish, and Italians not Swedish.

An addition to operational characteristics, the Fatigue Management Trainings provided address group specific responsibilities, competencies and tasks required.

Fatigue Management Training for Your Management (in house)

This comprehensive three-hour course contains all topics relevant for decision makers.

Senior Managers need to know and understand the fatigue risk in their organisation. In particular, the Executive Accountable and Managers responsible for operational risk require competences for informed decisions about fatigue risk management.

Fatigue Management Trainings for Your Planning Personnel (in house)

This one-day FATIGUE MANAGEMENT Training is tailored to the duties and tasks of your short term and long term planning personnel.

Planning personnel plays an important role in terms of effective Fatigue Management. Often it is “rostering practices” that cause higher fatigue risk than long duty times. On the other hand, “evidence based rostering practices” are the solution to manage fatigue risk effectively.

We strongly believe that well trained Planning Personnel is of higher value than any bio-mathematical model. In addition to this, Planning Personnel requires a very profound understanding of the causes of fatigue when using a bio-mathematical model, to use it appropriately as well as to understand calculated results and limitations.

Bio-mathematical models are one topic of this training.

Fatigue Management Trainings of Your Crews will offer “state of the art” e-learning, tailored to your operations in the language of your crews. Have a look at our e-training link below.

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