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Fatigue Management Trainings for Your Crews

(e-Learning / WBT / CBT)


smartshiftwork.com will offer “state of the art” e-Learning, tailored to your operations in the language of your crews in the colours of your company.


Computer based trainings are typically boring, but this is not. Aim is, that an external fatigue expert training provides better contents, can be more engaging than it could be in a class room training and last but not least, may be of higher acceptance to your crews.


We are very aware that the topic of individual fatigue management also addresses crewmember lifestyles and off duty periods. We find the right words to deliver the message how individual wellbeing can be improved and safety benefits achieved.


To satisfy your e-training environment (LMS) different options are available. Standard formats are AICC, SCORM and HTML5 for mobile learning.


We also offer our e-Training for crews to other e-Learning Service Providers.




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