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For all European commercial airlines (CAT) new regulations (ORO.FTL.250) require initial and recurrent Fatigue Management Training for management, planning personnel and crew members. Your Fatigue Management Training Plan has to be acceptable to the competent Civil Aviation Authority. This is actually a unique chance, where your people get trained about fatigue, which should not be missed. has the contents of Fatigue Management Trainings at expert level. So we may easily provide you the contents of the entire Fatigue Management Training Programme for your organisation, or just the missing parts of it. is convinced, that “off the shelf” training just to meet regulatory compliance might be of limited return on investment and of limited benefit for your workforce. Regulations do not differentiate Fatigue Management Training contents for different operators or the audience.

Compliance to given regulations is obligatory. However, our expectation is that Fatigue Management Training contents are appreciated by the learners and pays back for the organisation.


Compliant. Customised. Tailored.

All in-house trainings are customised to your operational characteristics and tailored to the addressed audience.

Trainings provided to you by are specified according your demand of fatigue management. Training contents are selected from our modular training tool kit according:

  • Audience: management, experts, planning personnel, crew members, CASIs
  • Operation within prescriptive regulatory limits, using your SMS
  • Operation under derogations, using your FRMS
  • Type of business, long-haul, short-haul, passenger/cargo, night-work


Objective of all the trainings offered at is to make your people more competent to fulfil their roles and responsibilities better and more efficiently than before.


Seminar. Workshop. Training.


Contents and training levels may be selected according your operational characteristics and requirements.


Open seminars are for experts of your organisation who manage your fatigue risk in your SMS or FRMS. The most economical way for an individual person of your Organisation.

In-house workshops designed to train a group of people of your organisation e.g. your Fatigue Safety Action Group. With practicable methods applied to your data of or your specific operation provide additional benefits.

Initial and recurrent Fatigue Management Trainings  compliant to ORO.FTL.250. customised to your operational characteristics and tailored to the audience of your Management and/or Planning Personnel.

Exiting e-learning solutions may be provided for your crews or workforce of shift workers.


All types of Fatigue Management Trainings are independent and may be selected according your choice of contents, typically part of you Fatigue Management Training Programme.



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