at the ICAO Symposium on Fatigue Management Approaches 2016

Presentation: Fatigue Risk Assessment Methodologies

As one of the Speakers of the conference, Kristjof Tritschler joined the ICAO Symposium as well as the following FRMS Forum at Montreal. His presentation complements the “risk assessment chapters” of the new Fatigue Management Guides, explaining what types of fatigue risk may be assessed by using different severity classifications . His and all other presentations may be downloadet at the ICAO website.

Kristjof Tritschler
MSc Air Safety Management
Spitzäckerweg 13
DE 72766 Reutlingen

T: +49 7121 4348253


VAT / Ust-IDNr:
DE 303 949 186
FA: Stuttgart, Germany

Pictures: own (Cockpit)
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